4 changes to expect for Bears defense under Chuck Pagano – Bears Wire

4 changes to expect for Bears defense under Chuck Pagano – Bears Wire

By: Lorin Cox | 2 hours ago

New Chicago Bears defensive coordinator Chuck Pagano won’t come in and overhaul the defense, but he also won’t try and be Vic Fangio.
The old coach is off running the Denver Broncos, and Pagano will take over and add his philosophies to the NFL’s No. 1 defense.
The scheme will look the same on the surface, but based on how he ran the Indianapolis Colts and Baltimore Ravens defenses, Pagano will run things a little differently as a play-caller.
Neither defensive coordinator’s style is inherently better, but it’s all about putting the players in the best position to be successful.
Here are four changes to expect on the Bears defense under their new defensive coordinator.

Don’t expect Pagano to go overboard with aggressive blitzing, but he’ll likely send more linebackers and safeties rushing the quarterback than Fangio did.
Fangio wasn’t as conservative of a play caller as he is often perceived, but his defenses consistently finished on the lower end of blitz attempts compared to the rest of the NFL.
In the defenses Pagano had control of, he hovered much close to the league average, blitzing on anywhere from 25 to 30 percent of his defense’s passing plays, according to Pro Football Focus.
The biggest blitzing difference should come in the secondary. Fangio liked to send slot cornerbacks Bryce Callahan and Sherrick McManis, but that was about it for defensive backs.
Pagano has been more inclined to rush his safeties, but his cornerbacks rarely went after the quarterback.
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